Tri-Lastin SR Stretch Mark Complex Review

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Tri-LASTIN SR Ratings
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Long Term Results 95/100

Overall 95/100

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There are many promises you will hear especially when you are in the verge of buying cosmetic products. You will certainly have the same experience if you take a look at products that are made for stretch marks. The many promises seem worth trying the first time but in the end, you might end up with these promises being broken. You have to prove how such products work first but of course you have to remember that there is never room for any trial and error.

Well, the good thing is there is a list of products out there that are really worth the try. In this page, let us take a look at Tri-Lastin SR Stretch Mark Complex and see how it is worth the investment.

Tri-Lastin SR Stretch Mark Complex is very promising. You will surely be astounded by the technologies found in the formulation. The makers would rather call it technology rather than ingredients but in these technologies you will also find out how the cream works. Let us then get to know Tri-Lastin SR Stretch Mark Complex better.

The Ingredients/Technologies in Tri-Lastin SR Stretch Mark Complex

As mentioned awhile back, manufacturers of the product had fused in technologies instead of plain, simple ingredients in their stretch mark cream. These technologies provide results which you may want for stretch marks.

TriLASTIN-SR’s Virtual Patch™

This technology makes use of serine, high weight molecules and collagen that are said to work in providing a virtual skin patch function. What is this particular function you may ask? This function is to optimize hydration in the skin while at the same time making sure that the transfer agent in TriLASTIN-SR will deeply penetrate the skin. This advanced technology promotes stretch mark removal from within.


Also known as the Sequenced Diffusion Delivery System, this one is responsible in creating a protective skin patch while also proving its worth in helping out other ingredients release and penetrate deeply into the skin. This also allows for the better absorption of the product into the skin over a long period of time thus allowing them also to work on the inner portions even if application was made hours or days back.

How TriLASTIN-SR® For Stretch Marks Works

There is a science behind the functioning of the Tri-LASTIN SR product. This has been proven by the technologies packed in the tube. This proprietary system is called a phased approach whose main focus is to help treat stretch marks in a simple system. First, the system aims at treating the stretch marks scars then uses the stretch mark complex to repair the skin thus making it smooth and supple once more. It also boosts collagen and elastin production that is said to be of great help for skin renewal.

The makers know very well that there are several causes for stretch mark occurrence and that this may also take place in individuals especially when the skin is stretched. Looking into these causes, the makers of TriLASTIN-SR also uses microspheres infused with collagen to deliver the active ingredients to the skin and make visible scars, less noticeable. They are then absorbed in the inner layers of the skin allowing absorption for available moisture.

When the skin gets rehydrated once more, it is now easier to achieve the results promised by this product, that is, lesser stretch mark furrows that smoothens the skin. When the skin absorbs the product, skin replenishment also takes place.

TriLASTIN-SR – Features that Explain the Benefits

There are certain features in TriLASTIN-SR which makes it beneficial to the user. Among such features are:

  1. Visible reduction of deep furrows and lessened discoloration in 3 weeks’ time
  2. The Virtual Patch and Filling Spheres also help in stimulating skin healing while also providing rapid ridge reduction.
  3. SDDS helps with sustained time release.

Our Verdict

We have nothing but praises for this wonderful product that has fused in great ingredients together. We commend its makers for coming up with an idea of proving and testing each ingredient to know for which particular purpose they will work. With a 100% money-back guarantee, TriLASTIN-SR is worth the consideration.