Stretch mark prevention creams

Most people are coming to the realization that the best way to go about dealing with stretch marks is using stretch mark prevention creams. Perhaps the daunting task for most of them is getting to know how to select what cream is going to be most effective since every brand claims to be the best in the market. Shopping for stretch mark prevention creams is made more difficult by those that make some very wild claims regarding their efficacy but when it comes to performance they don’t deliver an ounce of what they actually promised.

Can we do without stretch mark creams?

It is in your best interest to know that even the best stretch mark creams may not actually totally eliminate stretch marks that have already formed. The best we may do with stretch mark creams is perhaps trying to tone them down so that they become less apparent. There are actually stretch prevention creams in the market today that can make your stretch marks less visible to an extent that no one can see them unless they really do a through scrutiny.

Skin regeneration

The greatest effect of many stretch mark prevention creams is actually their ability to cause a regeneration of the skin that has been damaged by stretch marks. Some of the most effective creams are able to penetrate deep into the skin where they can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. These two proteins are responsible for the skin’s elasticity as well as the skin’s own healing processes. These two usually get disrupted when the skin has been over stretched but once they have been restored, they can return the skin to level of very close to what was there originally by creating new skin cells and repairing the damaged ones.

An alternative to surgery

The only sure fire way of completely healing skin that has been damaged by stretch marks would be its complete removal using different surgical procedures which are not only expensive but come with the attendant risks of surgery. Surgical removal of stretch marks is the only way of treating them that is permanent. The best alternative that is affordable is the use of stretch mark prevention creams that will play their role by moisturizing the skin and therefore making it more flexible. Some of the most active creams such as emu oil can penetrate all the layers of the skin and are therefore used as carrier oils to carry more active ingredients deep into the skin.

How to prevent stretch marks

It is possible to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks especially during pregnancy and for men during periods of weight lifting. The application of stretch mark prevention creams throughout the pregnancy will make the skin around the stomach more flexible and elastic therefore preventing tearing and breaking especially around the sixth and seventh month. Bodybuilders can also prevent stretch marks by applying stretch mark prevention creams around their chests, shoulders, and upper and under arms every time before they begin their workout.

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