Why most people prefer stretch mark creams

Stretch marks are actually scars that appear in the dermis, which is the middle layer of your skin and the plain truth is that they are extremely difficult to deal with. You will agree that dealing with scars that are on the surface of the skin is equally hard and this is perhaps what makes it harder to deal with stretch mark scars. There are quite a number of procedures that can be employed in the management of stretch marks all of which differ in their effectiveness, style as well as the costs. Since stretch marks are not life threatening there are many people who have known the benefits of stretch mark creams and they have come to prefer them above all other treatment methods.

Facts about stretch marks creams

The following facts make stretch mark creams the preferred choice for many people:

  1. Surgery is unaffordable: Surgery may well be the only permanent method of eliminating stretch marks completely but the only problem comes with the cost. Plastic surgery is an elective surgery that is not life threatening and as such there is no insurance over that will take care of it. This makes surgery out of reach for most people. The most affordable way of treating stretch marks has always been the use of stretch mark creams.
  2. Using stretch mark creams is easy: Another advantage of stretch mark creams is that fact that using them is not complicated at all and it can be done at the comfort of your own. You only need to read carefully how to use them and when the application is done according to instructions you can be sure of a stress free stretch mark elimination process.
  3. Stretch mark creams can be used for prevention: Prevention of stretch marks is perhaps the easiest way to deal with them. Prevention of stretch marks can be a complicated affair that will involve diet and exercise programs but the simplest of them all is through the use of stretch mark creams. Pregnant women who anticipate stretch marks can use them to massage their bellies and they will almost always escape them and even when they do get them, they will not be as severe as they would have been.
  4. An array of choice: Those who use stretch creams will realize that they have choices to make from the wide variety that is available. There are different stretch mark creams that are made from different ingredients and when a person realizes that some ingredients are not effective in them or perhaps that they cause some trouble, they cam always switch to those that will work for them comfortably. People can also choose between prescription stretch mark creams and over the counter creams most of which are made from natural ingredients.      

Stretch mark prevention creams

Most people are coming to the realization that the best way to go about dealing with stretch marks is using stretch mark prevention creams. Perhaps the daunting task for most of them is getting to know how to select what cream is going to be most effective since every brand claims to be the best in the market. Shopping for stretch mark prevention creams is made more difficult by those that make some very wild claims regarding their efficacy but when it comes to performance they don’t deliver an ounce of what they actually promised.

Can we do without stretch mark creams?

It is in your best interest to know that even the best stretch mark creams may not actually totally eliminate stretch marks that have already formed. The best we may do with stretch mark creams is perhaps trying to tone them down so that they become less apparent. There are actually stretch prevention creams in the market today that can make your stretch marks less visible to an extent that no one can see them unless they really do a through scrutiny.

Skin regeneration

The greatest effect of many stretch mark prevention creams is actually their ability to cause a regeneration of the skin that has been damaged by stretch marks. Some of the most effective creams are able to penetrate deep into the skin where they can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. These two proteins are responsible for the skin’s elasticity as well as the skin’s own healing processes. These two usually get disrupted when the skin has been over stretched but once they have been restored, they can return the skin to level of very close to what was there originally by creating new skin cells and repairing the damaged ones.

An alternative to surgery

The only sure fire way of completely healing skin that has been damaged by stretch marks would be its complete removal using different surgical procedures which are not only expensive but come with the attendant risks of surgery. Surgical removal of stretch marks is the only way of treating them that is permanent. The best alternative that is affordable is the use of stretch mark prevention creams that will play their role by moisturizing the skin and therefore making it more flexible. Some of the most active creams such as emu oil can penetrate all the layers of the skin and are therefore used as carrier oils to carry more active ingredients deep into the skin.

How to prevent stretch marks

It is possible to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks especially during pregnancy and for men during periods of weight lifting. The application of stretch mark prevention creams throughout the pregnancy will make the skin around the stomach more flexible and elastic therefore preventing tearing and breaking especially around the sixth and seventh month. Bodybuilders can also prevent stretch marks by applying stretch mark prevention creams around their chests, shoulders, and upper and under arms every time before they begin their workout.

How to deal with men’s stretch mark

The one thing that is becoming clear about stretch marks is that they are not really gender specific and that is why both men and women become victims. The skins of both men and women are formulated in the same way and as such they both can develop stretch marks if they are pushed beyond the normal limit. Both men and women can depend on stretch mark creams in order to prevent and eliminate stretch marks that have appeared already.

How men get stretch marks

There are about three different situations that cause the appearance of stretch marks in men. The first one is during puberty when young adolescent boys go through a growth spurt which causes a rapid increase in height and body weight. This is perhaps followed by men who do weight lifting or those who use steroids that increase the size of their muscles fast. The third way that men get stretch marks is related to obesity when men become especially around the mid section.

Controlling men’s stretch marks

Men’s stretch marks

There are not many things that men can do to prevent the growth spurt that comes with puberty because it is a purely natural process in the body. However, there are a number of things that men can do to either prevent or minimize the amount of stretch marks that are bound to occur. The best thing to do would to anticipate men’s stretch marks and try to prevent them by the application of stretch mark creams. Boys undergoing puberty can apply the creams in places like their thighs, buttocks and underarms whereas body builders can apply them in places such as their shoulders, chest, upper arms and underarms. The stretch mark creams used well will help the skin to be more elastic and flexible thus prevent the breaking and tearing of the dermis.

Men’s stretch marks less evident

Stretch marks in men may appear in the same vein as they do in women but apparently they are less visible in men. The reason may be because men’s bodies produce a lot of as hormone known as corticosteroid which increases the production of collagen in their bodies. Collagen is an important protein that helps to strengthen the skin’s fiber and connective tissue. When there is enough collagen the skin becomes more elastic and it helps in the healing of any small tears that may happen in the skin.

Men’s attitude towards stretch marks

Nowadays there are enough men who are equally concerned about stretch marks like women have done since time immemorial. Men can get to treat their stretch marks using a number of effective stretch mark creams that will help to revitalize their skins. Even though it may be almost impossible to completely eliminate stretch marks in men, a little extra care will go along way in dealing with them. This will include a good diet and ensuring that your body is well hydrated.


The effectiveness of stretch marks creams

Dealing with stretch marks can be quite a frustrating exercise and very annoying because try as you would, more often than not there is not much difference. Stretch marks happen to both men and women but apparently women are more bothered about them than men, hence the greater number of stretch mark treatment options for women than men. There are a number of stretch mark creams that work but you must work hard enough to get them.

Causes of stretch marks

Stretch marks are caused by the continuous tension that the skin goes through due to a rapid increase in body weight. This may happen indifferent periods such as puberty, pregnancy, obesity or during body building. When the skin gets distended too much collagen and elastin get disrupted and dermis gets to rip and tear. When those tears heal they leave behind minute scars that are visible through the epidermis and which we call stretch marks.

Stretch mark creams

Stretch mark creams that work

There are a number of stretch mark creams that are quite effective in the prevention and elimination of stretch marks so long as a person gets those that have some active ingredients. It is also important to remember that the earlier stretch marks are treated the easier it is to get rid of them. Effective stretch mark creams have a great deal of benefits such as the following:

  1. Getting rid of stretch marks: The greatest benefit of stretch mark creams that work is the elimination of stretch marks because of their active ingredients. Some of the formulas in stretch mark creams are approved by skin experts because they penetrate the skin and begin the healing inside out.
  2. Skin regeneration: Stretch mark creams have some essential ingredients such as collagen, elastin, vitamins A and E etc which work to regenerate the skin and give it back its elasticity so that it can withstand any pressure from inside that causes it to be stretched beyond capacity. Some of these mentioned ingredients are also important in nourishing the skin so as to enhance the healing of the areas that have been damaged by stretch marks.
  3. No side effects: The effectiveness of stretch mark creams is enhanced by the fact that inmost cases they are natural products without any synthetic materials which makes them safe alternative that has no adverse side effects. This is especially true for those stretch mark creams that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin so that the body gets to heal the scars naturally.
  4. Prevention of further attacks: The other important benefits of stretch mark creams is the fact that they are also very effective in making the skin more elastic such that they prevent the occurrence of more stretch marks in future. This is made possible due to the presence of moisturizers that hydrate the skin.

Buying tips for stretch mark creams

There are very many people who get to believe that stretch marks are a part of life and as a result you need not do anything about them. That may be a nice philosophy but the truth of the matter is that they will affect not only your self esteem but the way other people will want to relate with you. It is true that there are situations that cause stretch marks that we must accept such as pregnancy but it is also true that by buying stretch mark creams and using them well we can do a great deal of good in the prevention and elimination of stretch marks.

Stretch mark treatment options  

Buying stretch marks

There are quite a number of treatment options that include the following:

  1. Laser surgery: This treatment involves the use of a strong light beam but in some cases it causes scarring and can be quite expensive.
  2. Surgical skin resection: This one involves the cutting away of the stretch marks but like any other surgery it comes with quite a number of risks and complications apart from being quite expensive as well.
  3. Microdermabrasion: The doctor uses some fine crystals for the abrasion of the skin’s surface in order to stimulate the production of collagen and can reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Stretch mark creams

There are quite a number of products that fall squarely in the category of stretch mark creams which can work quite well in improving the appearance of stretch marks. Some of the most popular ones you will find when buying stretch mark creams include:

a)      Tretinoin: It assists sin the reduction of new stretch marks but not on old faded ones.

b)     Cocoa butter: Available in most over the counter creams and it moisturizes the skin making it more flexible.

Buying tips for creams

  1. Check the ingredients: Any active an effective stretch mark cream will be as good as the ingredients that made it. You need to look for the most active ingredients that include aloe vera gel, glycolic acid, vitamin E. elastin and collagen.
  2. Delivery system: When purchasing a stretch mark cream make sure that it also has a good delivery system. The ingredients is that cream can only reach the dermis if they are carried by an oil that can easily penetrate the skin such as emu oil, liposome or any other effective carrier system.
  3. Reputable company: you can only buy an effective stretch mark cream from a reputable firm and as such you must check their website to see whether they have contact information such as telephone number and address.
  4. Testimonials: You will also do your self a favor by looking at testimonials other people have written about the stretch mark creams in particular and also see whether their claims are backed by a money back guarantee.

Men’s stretch mark creams

Stretch marks may well be connected to woman but the truth of the matter is that even men can become victims of this debilitating skin conditions. The main issue regarding stretch marks and men may be that men are perhaps not as concerned or bothered about them as women are. Women will take every effort to eliminate them perhaps because society has a way of judging a woman’s beauty based on how her skin looks. Men who get concerned about their appearance can have a relief because there are stretch marks creams for men that abound in the market these days.

Causes of men’s stretch marks

There are a few reasons why stretch marks may appear in men but mostly they are related to an increase in their body size especially as a result of weight lifting and those who take supplements to increase their muscles fast. This is the reason that more often than not men’s stretch marks are found in the underarms, shoulders and the chest because these are the areas where muscles increase the most. There are a few cases when stretch marks appear in the belly which is mostly related to cases of obesity.

Puberty and obesity

Stretch mark creams for men

Another cause of stretch marks in men is puberty when boys experience a growth spurt that instigates such a rapid growth and the skin gets to be tightened beyond its normal capacity. Obesity is also an important cause especially around the midsection with the result being the tearing and ripping of the dermis. These tears may get healed deep inside the dermis but the scars remain and they are what we refer to as stretch marks, which become visible through an already thinning epidermis.

Treating stretch marks in men

It is possible to avoid stretch mark sin men through the consumption of a healthy diet and making sure that your stay well hydrated as well. There are also exercises that can be done in order to maintain a good skin tone that can remain flexible even amidst all the pressure that your skin will undergo. The other way is through the use of men’s stretch mark creams which can be used both as a means of prevention as well as treatment of stretch marks.

Men’s stretch mark creams

There are a few stretch mark removal creams that have been specifically made for men and you cal always find them in the market such as the following:

  • Rejuvine cream: This is a popular men’s stretch mark cream that has the power to stimulate the production collagen which makes up the skin’s connective tissue. This cream works very effectively and the good news is that it is actually affordable to men of all classes.
  • Mederma cream: The other superior stretch mark cream for men is known as mederma which is also capable of restoring your collagen. Many men prefer this particular cream because it does not have an extravagant aroma which goes pretty well with them.

Improving the appearance of your stretch marks

There are very many people who are too worried about how stretch marks make them look and they don’t known what to do about it. Most of them are too self conscious and they feel greatly embarrassed even when the stretch marks are in parts of the body where only they know that they exist. This in turn affects many areas of their lives and sometimes their social lives get to be greatly affected. One of the ways to deal with this problem is toning down your stretch mark sin order to make them less apparent as you look for other ways to deal with them.

No complete treatment

One thing you must be clear about is that apart from surgery, there may well not be any treatments that will bring compete healing to the part of your skin that has been damaged by stretch marks.  Most of the other treatment methods are best used to disguise your stretch marks such that they become less apparent. What you must remember however is that stretch marks are not really a life threatening condition and they will not harm you in any particular way. All forms of stretch mark treatments are done so for purely cosmetic reasons.

No insurance cover

Simply because any form of stretch mark removal treatment is dome for purely cosmetic reasons you must be prepared to pay for any related expenses from your pocket because there is no insurance policy that covers their treatment. Those who choose to go through surgery usually spend great amounts of money which are out of reach for most ordinary people. The good news is that there are simple ways to disguise your stretch marks that will minimize their appearance very effectively.

  1. Chemical peels: This is a popular way of disguising your stretch marks where a practitioner applies a weak chemical mask on the top layer of your skin. The chemical erodes the affected skin and this creates room for the development of mew skin cells. What appears after that is a youthful skin with stretch marks completely reduced in their sizes. You will need more than one treatment in order for you to be successful with good results.
  2. Laser surgery: The other effective means of toning down your stretch marks is the use of laser surgery. This form of treatment could be a little more expensive because you will need up to six treatments in order for you to see desirable results. Laser treatment for stretch marks will be more effective when it is done on newer stretch marks before they become too old. Laser treatment is also able to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin which can regenerate the growth of news skin.


You must be careful when choosing stretch mark treatment methods because not many of them will live up to the claims they make. Some people may opt for creams but they must be used consistently over a long period of time for any desirable results to be seen.

Stretch mark treatment options

When it comes to stretch mark treatment options there is none that beats prevention as the best cure. Preventing stretch marks from appearing in the first place will save you from the uphill task of trying to eliminate them once they have set base on your skin. Failure to prevent them from happening sometimes leads to a situation where you must struggle with some solutions that don’t work and those that do take a longtime to show any effectiveness.

Stretch marks treatment strategies

If you already have stretch marks you do not have to get too worried because there are effective methods of treating stretch marks that will prevent them from getting from bad to worse as time progresses. The rule of the thumb when it comes to treating stretch marks is to begin your treatment early. Treating stretch marks while they are still red is much easier than waiting until they mature and turn their color to white or silvery gray. When treatment seems to take too long you could also employ some simple strategies that will make them fade temporarily and out of every body else’s sight.

Use of topical creams

The simplest and most affordable way of dealing of all the stretch mark treatment options is the use of stretch mark creams and lotions. There is such a wide variety of this kind of treatment options all of which play different roles in the battle against stretch marks. While some of the effective treatments work to remove the existing stretch mark related scars others will stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. When this two protein and replenished then the body begins to do its own healing process and that makes your treatment more practical. The only important thing you must remember when using stretch mark creams is the need for patience and persistence. You must also massage the creams properly into the skin so that the ingredients get to penetrate deeply and assist in the healing process.

Chemical peels

Another great stretch mark treatment option is the use of chemical peels which is a process that is done at a doctor’s office. The dermatologist will apply a thin mask of some chemical which will then erode the skin’s top layer and this will effectively reduce the appearance of stretch marks especially after new skin cells appear.

Light and laser therapy

One of the most modern stretch mark treatment options is the use of light and laser therapy. These are modern painless forms of surgery where the doctor uses a concentrated beam of light that penetrates the skin right into the dermis and begins to erode the scarring caused by stretch marks. This treatment also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and that alone makes it very effective.


No matter what treatment you are going to choose for your stretch marks, you must remember to talk to your doctor first so that you get professional advice. It is good to critically scrutinize all available option before choosing the best one for your case.

All about stretch mark creams

Most people are unable to see the difference between all the stretch mark creams that are sold in the market today and that leads to a state of confusion. One important fact about stretch marks creams is that most of them have not gone through a clinical test and as such you will have to depend on other forms of evidence in order to know what is practical and what is not.

Take time to review

The only way to tell the difference between the creams is to take your time to review what the products are and what they are capable of accomplishing. While many people will claim that stretch marks creams are a waste of money, there are those who will swear to their last penny that they used a product that was extremely effective. Taking your time to a review of numerous products will determine whether the product you are interested in will remove, reduce or hide the appearance of your stretch marks.

What is in a stretch mark cream?

Good stretch mark creams

There are a quite a number of stretch mark creams available in the market that are basically a combination of cocoa butter  and other additives such as vitamin A and E among others. These items play a great role in improving the good health of your skin especially by keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. The overall aim of a good stretch mark cream is to improve the skin’s flexibility and elasticity both of which are important components in the prevention and treatment of stretch marks.

Importance of vitamin E

A good stretch mark cream will no doubt have vitamin E which not only nourishes the skin but has also got sufficient antioxidant properties. Vitamin E is also known as Retinol and the antioxidant properties help your skin by carrying away free radicals that form the foundation to many serious illnesses and skin conditions. Vitamin E is extremely important because a group of hormones knows as Glucocorticoids usually reduce the effectiveness of vitamin A which is another important component of stretch mark creams.

Prescription creams

Most prescription creams are effective for the reason that they have a higher concentration of vitamin A which gives them power over those that do not have as much of vitamin A. the only challenge that most people find with prescription stretch marks creams is the fact that most of them are made from synthetic chemicals which may not be too safe at the end of the day. There is always the fear of having to deal with as few side effects especially when you deal with stretch mark creams that are not made form entirely natural sources.


The best stretch marks creams are those that can penetrate the epidermis and dermis in order to deliver their active ingredients deep into the skin. Quite a number of topical creams don’t have the ingredients that will go deep into the skin and as such they may not be as effective. However, with a good stretch mark cream you can also manage to prevent them from occurring.

Different methods for removing stretch marks

The skin is not simply the largest organ in your body but it is also among the greatest components of your physical beauty. People can become very self conscious about their different skin conditions because others will judge their attractiveness or lack of it depending on it. Stretch marks are a common but persistent skin problem that affects a great majority of people and they will do just about everything you can think about to get rid of them.

Different methods of removing stretch marks

There are quite a number of things you can do to get rid of stretch marks and improve the appearance of your skin or perhaps to just keep them away from sight. There is a great array of choices you have in this regard with some ways being practical while others are all clever. There are different ways of concealing stretch marks using clothing or perhaps different cosmetics. When not taken care of too well stretch marks can be very aggressive and could actually end up being a permanent feature in your life.

Creams and lotions

Methods of removing stretch marks

The use of creams and lotions as a stretch mark removal method is perhaps the most common and most effective way of doing it. There are a number of creams that can be sued to visually hide the appearance of stretch marks in your skin. Even though you may have reached a level where your stretch marks may never go away completely it is possible that you can do a number of treatments that will make it comfortable for you to continue with your life.

Effectiveness of stretch creams

Stretch marks creams are so common that you can get any manner of brands and creams at any budget you can simply think about. You must however be careful when picking stretch mark creams because there are some that are not effective at all since all that the owners want is a share of your money. The adage that says ‘you get what you pay for’ is extremely true especially when it comes so stretch marks creams. You could well get the best stretch mark cream but you also need to be careful to follow the directions so that you get the intended results. As a rule of the thumb, the earlier you begin treating your stretch marks the greater the possibility that they will improve.

Non invasive surgical treatments

When stretch mark creams prove to be ineffective in dealing with your case you may actually want to try other stretch mark treatment methods. Some simple non invasive surgical procedures like microdermabrasion can also be a great relief in your dealing with stretch marks. This procedure involves the partial or total removal of the outer layer of the skin using an implement that acts like a file. This procedure simply files down the stretch marks and what remains is a smooth skin where any stretch marks that may be remaining become totally invisible.